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Founder Speech

I am pleased to welcome our clients, friends & partners to “Torga Group” one of the affiliates of Torga Investment Group of companies; specializing in marketing,telephone application, textile, exporting & creating real estate,cars,yachts,art Opportunities.Our other companies are storeturco, fabbri city & yacht society.Also the vice president of export development association.

The past few years of our company has not only been to add success to our track record, but a huge mile stone to create new innovative strategies , and to confirm our existence in Turkish real estate market & beyond.

We at Torga Investment believe that in due time, Real Estate well planned, practical, and meeting the End user actual needs Investments achieves guaranteed returns.

Our strategy is to provide our outstanding clients with rewarding yet safe investment opportunities in Real Estate projects scattered all over the Turkey.

At Torga Real Estate, we work to reconcile your investment requirements & available innovative offers designed to secure your returns &sustainable future of your family in the long run.

Sercan Özcan / Founder

Sercan Özcan


Kutan Fidanilarslan

Director of Sales & Marketing


Public Relations & Customer Service Manager





Is To be among the top real estate marketing companies in TURKEY by offering ideas, real estate investment opportunities, in addition to modern services and sophisticated products.

Is to develop the rate of investment to our clients by offering special services that suit our distinctive products.

We established a set of traditions and work ethic driven from Global Commercial business values, where we offer commitment, innovative ideas and full access to information to guarantee our clients benefit and meet their expectations at all times, in addition to serving our community and contributing to its development.

Torga Group puts among its priorities attracting and employing Turkish citizens of high qualifications and special skills, and open its doors to experienced and creative people who can provide excellent service to our clients, in accordance to the national direction of creating a promising Turkish Renaissance.